Saving beavers all summer long

Without flow devices, beavers are trapped and killed. Thanks to your ongoing support, making flow devices is what we do – all summer long! But we still need your help.

Will you help us SAVE THE BEAVERS?

During the summer, our campaign work to help protect Canada’s emblem reaches its peak. Many municipalities and residents reach out to us to help them address activity related to beavers.

What is a typical beaver “problem”?

Beavers will sometimes make a dam and block a culvert, a large pipe that runs under a road, railway or trail. When a culvert is plugged, water levels rise and flooding can occur. Rather than restricting the beaver’s access to the culvert, the animals are simply trapped and killed. No matter how many beavers are trapped, more beavers return to the area and the killing never stops. This approach is not only cruel, but also unnecessary, as there are many non-lethal solutions.

What is the solution?

Our campaign work to protect beavers includes building flow devices for municipalities and private landowners. For example, we will physically install a pipe to help regulate the water on both sides of a beaver dam and install fencing to keep beavers out of places where they can cause trouble. Without these simple technologies, the beavers would likely be trapped and killed.

What can you do?

You can help us – and the beavers – by supporting these efforts financially. Each project costs us between $400 and $500 – just for the materials.

The wire mesh costs about $57 a sheet and pipes can cost about $190 a piece. Additionally, we incur significant travel expenses, fuel costs and costs associated with purchasing volunteer equipment, including power tools, shovels, gloves, and waders.


With your help, we are planning more great projects across Canada. These projects will protect the lives of beavers today – and tomorrow, as our time on location is also used to train municipal workers, landowners and volunteers how to work with flow devices.

Your support of just $10 or $20 can literally save the lives of an entire family of beavers (did you know that beavers mate for life and live in large families?). By helping us with even a small donation, you can show every municipality across Canada that cruel and lethal trapping is NOT an option.

(Photo credit for blocked culvert, Martinez beavers).

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