Snare trap tortures coyote in Pickering, ON

It’s hard to imagine that someone would want to deliberately hurt and torture an animal. It’s even worse to think that extreme animal cruelty is considered to be a recreational activity.

On Monday, April 15th in the City of Pickering, Ontario, a coyote was found writhing in pain. His neck and tongue were painfully tangled in a wire snare trap and he obviously had been suffering for hours. Luckily the incident was reported and help arrived via the gentle hands ofToronto Wildlife Centre. The coyote was quickly transported to their care centre and will likely remain there for some time in hopes he will recover and be released back into the wild.

Trapping wildlife needs to stop.

Our Association for the Protection of Fur-Bearing Animals (APFA) is calling for an immediate ban on the use of body-gripping traps in the City of Pickering and the rest of Durham Region.

“It is absolutely unacceptable that this practice is still legal in Ontario,” says Shannon Kornelsen, Director of Public Outreach for APFA. “Everyone who finds out about how these cruel traps work opposes them. Except trappers, who have done everything in their power to prevent municipalities from siding with public opinion.”

APFA has recorded countless incidents over the past decade where similar body-gripping or leg-hold traps have caught and grievously injured or killed endangered species, domestic animals and even people.

In addition to a ban on all body-gripping traps in the Durham Region, we’re calling for an immediate inquiry, as the use of suspended snares on land (suspected in this case) is contrary to the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act (1997) in the Region of Durham. Lastly, we’re offering a reward of up to $1,000 for information leading to a conviction of the involved person(s).

You can help.

Please politely urge the following government officials to prohibit the use of body-gripping traps in the Durham Region (Ontario).

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