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The National Farm Animal Care Council is updating their “codes of practice” for foxes and minks on Canadian fur farms. They are soliciting feedback and comments from the public until November 8, 2012 for fox farms and December 7, 2012 for mink farms. Now is your chance to voice your opposition of this cruel industry.

PLEASE NOTE: while we welcome any “improvements” on fur farms (larger cages, nesting boxes, veterinary care etc.) we know the end result is still the same, foxes and minks will be killed. For this reason, we are against fur farming entirely and want all fur farms closed. It is our belief that animals should not be killed for their fur.

That said, we still encourage you to comment throughout these surveys and let them know that you disagree with fur farms/fur industry altogether. We also encourage you to talk to your local Member of Parliament regarding your concerns over fur farms.

Talking points:

By their very nature, fur farms will NEVER meet the many emotional, psychological, physical and mental needs of both foxes and minks.

Foxes in the wild can travel several kilometres per day. They also like to dig, make dens, hunt for food, choose a mate and raise their families.

Minks are semi-aquatic animals. In the wild, they can spend up to 60% of their time in the water. They like to hunt, dig burrows, travel several kilometres a day and on occasion even climb trees.

Confining these animals to small wire cages is depriving them of all of their natural abilities and instincts. Despite industry claims of being “domesticated”, foxes and minks on fur farms are still very much wild.

Now is your chance to voice your opposition of fur farms and the terrible cruelty inflicted on fur-bearing animals.

To have your views considered, please visit:



fox being anally electrocuted

Photo: Fox being killed by anal electrocution on a fur farm.

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