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Coyote Watch Canada has never been more concerned about the future of our wildlife in Ontario than we are right now. If the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) “wish list of deregulation” goes through, our wildlife will cease to exist without daily persecution, abuse and unaccounted death tolls. Citizens that care for and about wildlife do not fully realize what is being given away. We ask that you make your concerns known so that we can all collectively work together to put an end to this corrupt process before the deadline date of January 21, 2013.

“At this time, MNR is proposing to modernize 21 wildlife-related licences, permits or authorizations, issued under the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act”

Our communities will be entrenched in violence sanctioned by the MNR due to their release of responsibilities. Hunters and trappers who will become “the new enforcer in town” will have open access to torture and kill nature in our municipalities and get paid for it under the guise of “resolving human/wildlife conflict”.

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Photo: Coyote (named Sundown), Coyote Watch Canada

The deadly and dangerous bloodsport of hound hunting (dog’s running loose chasing wildlife, trespassing, running across road systems) and traps set to catch and kill wildlife in urban settings, are not just “potential risks” of the proposals by the MNR. These issues are present today. Coyotes, fox and wolves are ripped to death by trained hunting dogs. The MNR has turned a blind eye to these illegal activities for years. Permits to “chase wildlife” will no longer be required under the new deregulated process.

Provided below are just two of the many permit removal/categories/regulations being sought by the MNR:

“Licence to Chase Raccoon at Night or Fox, Coyote, or Wolf during the Day: Persons engaging in these activities will no longer be required to obtain a Licence to Chase Raccoon at Night or Fox, Coyote or Wolf During the Day. However, each individual participating in the activity will be required to obtain a Small Game Licence. Those undertaking these activities will continue to be permitted to conduct them outside the open season, provided that they are not in possession of a firearm. In order to obtain their first Small Game Licence, individuals are required to successfully complete the hunter education course and purchase a hunting version Outdoors Card.”

“Authorization to Hunt/Trap for Hire or Employ for that Purpose: Under the proposed change, municipalities will no longer be required to obtain approval from MNR to hire or employ hunters or trappers to harvest furbearing mammals to help resolve human-wildlife conflicts within their municipal boundaries, and such hunters or trappers may accept financial compensation from municipalities for their activities. All other current rules or provisions related to hunting and trapping these species (e.g. bag limits, seasons) will continue to be set out in regulation.”

More and more municipalities are looking for strategies to build compassionate wildlife communities. The “kill away the conflict” is at such a great cost to wild lives and tax paying citizens, This way of doing business is not favoured by the general public and awareness of how these proposed changes will impact our communities is critical. The presence of the Environment Bill of Rights (EBR) needs to be elevated to get the message out that we do not accept this archaic and short sighted hand over to the “consumptive” special interest groups.

Wildlife education and prevention programs are the most compassionate, cost effective and sustainable direction towards peacefully coexisting with wildlife. Yet the MNR persists in nurturing partnerships with hunter/trapper interests neglecting to investigate or support any other non-lethal alternatives, some of which are already successfully in place in municipalities such as Niagara, Oakville and Whitby Ontario.

Please read over the Environment Bill of Rights (EBR) page and see what we are loosing if this is allowed to go through. The majority of citizens are not even aware of the EBR and the inherent deadly intentions laid out, so we ask that you share this far and wide. Make your concerns known by commenting on the EBR and by also approaching your local government representatives and naturalist organizations. Make your voices count.

Thank you so much for your continued commitment to create kinder and more compassionate wildlife communities. By going to the link below and commenting, our voices must be heard.


Thank you,
Lesley Sampson
Coyote Watch Canada

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