Three animal-free alternatives to Canada Goose

Three animal-free alternatives to Canada Goose, and three stores that offer a selection of animal-free jackets and products!

It’s that time of year – fur trimmed hoods can be seen on parkas in most towns across Canada. The most visible is Canada Goose – the company now owned by an American hedge fund that wraps many of their products with coyote fur and stuff the lining with goose down. It can be difficult as an animal lover or advocate to see this daily, let alone try and find humane, animal-free alternatives.

But it’s getting easier every year, thanks to some compassion companies and a growing consumer demand. We’ve assembled a list of three animal-free alternatives to Canada Goose, as well as three stores who offer some animal-free products to help!

  1. Wuxly Movement

    With a design team based in the fashion hub of downtown Toronto, Canada, they build off a rich history of premium Canadian outerwear while staying ahead of the curve. The result? Designs that are timeless, yet progressive. The benefits of an animal-free product are more than just ethical. One thing that may surprise some is that our animal-free insulation used in their jackets outperforms traditional down-filled jackets – holding 98% heat retention, compared to 0% for down. Wuxly uses military grade Primaloft Gold Insulation, licensed only to select companies worldwide. They have field-tested Wuxly products in all 13 provinces and territories of Canada, and around the globe. Wuxly vegan jackets allow you to be both stylish and warm, even in the harshest of conditions. (From

  2. Save The Duck

    Save the Duck is an ethical and smart company, with an eye to the future, not only to intercept new trends and transform them into avant-garde collections, but above all to travel towards a common goal: to live in a completely animal cruelty free world. For this reason, our garments are 100% animal free and do not allow the use of feathers, leather, leather or fur. They are designed to be the perfect travel companions for all globetrotters around the world. Pocketable and comfortable, they are easy to fold into the bag. Perfect to pack for any destination and travel opportunity, adapting perfectly to any season. (From

  3. Vaute Couture

    Vaute Couture is the world’s first vegan fashion brand, founded with a mission of taking animals out of the fashion equation, by creating something better, using innovative, high-tech, sustainable textiles, cut and sewn in NYC’s garment district with love. We are the first vegan label to show at New York Fashion Week, as “one of the most innovative businesses in NYC” BusinessInsider. With our HQ in theLES of Manhattan, we’re here to disrupt the fashion industry. We are activists, we are weirdos, we are the kids who thought we’d never find someone else who cared as much as we do. We keep our hearts soft, our voices loud, and our heads down to create something better, fashion that will inspire and be perfect for even those who don’t care as much as we do.We work with the best high-tech mills around the world using organic and recycled fibers to create textiles that are innovative and brilliant. We combine them to create shockingly warm coats, beautiful gowns, comfiest sweaters, and sweet swimsuits. We aren’t perfect, but we do our best every day to make this world better and speak up for those who cannot. (From

Looking for more options in the retail world? Check out these stores, who offer fur- and down-free options (always check labels and ask customer service reps if you’re not sure about what’s in a product):

  1. MEC
  2. Patagonia
  3. Arc'teryx

You can also spend some time in thrift and consignment stores who specialize in gently-used outerwear – let us know if you find a good one!

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