Three questions with volunteer Amanda

Volunteers become a significant part of an organization like The Fur-Bearers, who have a large reach but small staff. And, as we recently wrote, volunteering is an activity that is hugely helpful for the organization, the animals, and the volunteers themselves

To give supporters a better idea of what volunteering with The Fur-Bearers is like, we asked dedicated volunteer Amanda three questions.

What do you do when you’re not helping out with The Fur-Bearers or working?

I love spending time with my Pomeranian fur baby, "Dani California," who coincidentally looks just like a baby black bear. I also enjoy cooking and baking, video games, getting a dose of the great outdoors with my partner Clinton, photography, exploring new restaurants, and yoga.

Why did you decide to volunteer with The Fur-Bearers?

When I first moved to Vancouver, I was looking for an opportunity to advocate for animals. Luckily, I saw The Fur-Bearers' office on Broadway and thought how cool it was to have an organization fighting against the cruelty in the fur industry. When I did more research online, I found all the other activities and campaigns The Fur-Bearers do for wildlife and humane education, and was blown away by the impact and following within the animal activist community. Once I met The Fur-Bearers staff and directors, feeling how passionate and contagious their care is for wildlife, I couldn't help but want to dedicate more time to support our cause.

What has the experience been like?

My first volunteer event was assisting to build flow devices for family of beavers in Mission, BC. It was such a rewarding and memorable experience. Ever since then, I've tried my best to attend the events happening near Vancouver.

Tabling at booths with the Fur Bearers has been a fun experience. Because most people in the community already have an opinion about their love for animals, tons of folks come up just to express their love for wolves, learn what they can do to co-exist with the wildlife in their backyards, or to find out more about our organization in general. It is always a positive experience to engage with both adults and kids about their thoughts on how they can use their voices to protect animals. In addition to events, I have helped pick up donations at our "fox boxes" at designated shops who support The Fur-Bearers, spread literature to the community about coyotes, helped with administrative tasks, and have on occasion worn the "Rocky" raccoon suit to pass out stickers at festivals. It turns out I am a pretty convincing raccoon.

I am so grateful for the opportunity to be involved. My favourite part is every time I volunteer I learn more about the creatures I love and how to contribute. I also enjoy seeing our cute pictures of foxes, skunks and bears on a regular basis!

To get involved with The Fur-Bearers or learn more about volunteering opportunities, please email Marcy at

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