Three tips to find humane wildlife removal services

Three tips to find humane wildlife removal services

Young fur-bearing animals across the country are exploring their habitats, learning through play, and discovering the joys of the natural world. But as summer winds down and they begin looking for homes of their own, some critters may find their way into your house – and that can be a problem.

Despite how much we may love wildlife, animals such as squirrels, chipmunks, raccoons and others can wreak havoc inside houses, damaging dangerous wiring, wood and beams, insulation, and leaving behind feces and urine that is harmful to human health. Finding a way to safely remove these animals – and making sure they don’t get back in – should be left to the professionals.

What is humane?

A quick glance at Google or your local Yellowpages may be daunting, however, due to the simple fact that the word ‘humane’ carries no legal significance for wildlife removal or pest control companies. That means that literally any company can call themselves humane. Here’s a few tips that can help you sort out the great from the bad, and get the wildlife out of your home safely and truly humanely:

  1. Check AnimalKind. The BC SPCA created a program last year to provide accreditation to animal-related businesses (so far it’s pest control and dog training). As stated on the BC SPCA’s website, “We check to make sure companies follow a strict set of standards, and use the kindest, most humane methods. Accredited companies have earned the BC SPCA’s stamp of approval.” Click here to check Animal Kind listings for BC!
  2. Ask for methods and referrals. When hiring a company to do work around your home it’s generally wise to check their referrals – and this should include the referrals of wildlife removal companies. If a company won’t provide referrals or discuss their methods, that’s a red flag.
  3. Talk to your local wildlife rehabilitator or humane society/SPCA. These folks are often on the front line of dealing with wildlife who have been harmed and may be aware of the better services available in your area. Check in with them for referrals for a company that puts animal welfare first.

The Fur-Bearers has worked proudly with AAA Gates' Wildlife Control (Greater Toronto Area) and AAA Wildlife Control (Vancouver and Lower Mainland). Many services are available, and we strongly recommend following the above tips to ensure that you not only protect your home from damage, but the wildlife, too, by going with a company that is truly humane.

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