Toronto’s biodiversity can be inspiration for WNBA team name

If the new WNBA team in Toronto needs a name, they don’t have any further to look than the local greenspaces for inspiration. While it’s the most populace city of the nation for people, it’s also home to many different species of fur-bearing animals, all of whom could grace the jerseys and marketing materials for this new sports franchise. Here’s who we have in mind for the team’s name and why:

The Toronto Raccoons

  • Raccoons are synonymous with Toronto, and no one who lives in the city would question they belong.
  • Classic television show that connects hundreds of thousands of Canadians.
  • Raccoons are highly adaptable, incredibly intelligent, and come pre-fitted with a cool costume.

The Toronto Coyotes

  • Intelligent and family-oriented, coyotes are found across the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and play a major role in ecosystems.
  • Coyotes are smart, often referred to as cunning or clever, and have already proven themselves as successful mascots for a variety of sports teams.

The Toronto Foxes

  • Sly and quick, foxes are not as easily seen in the big city, but certainly call it home.
  • From Disney’s Robin Hood to Zootopia’s fast-talking con man, foxes already have a great reputation for inspiring generations.

The Toronto Squirrels

  • Resourceful, tenacious, and the best jumpers in town, our only concern is trying to come up with a rhyming chant for the team.

The Opossums

  • We love ‘em, but may not be the best team name.
  • “It appears the other team has given up and have passed out in the face of a high score!”

What do you think would make the best team name for a WNBA franchise in Toronto? Let us know by commenting on our Instagram, Facebook, X, or YouTube channels!

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