Trudeau government to allow importation of dog and cat fur

Disappointed isn’t a strong enough word for what we’re feeling today. Last night, the Trudeau government announced their response to our formal parliamentary petition e-123, which tens of thousands of you signed. The petition was calling on the government to ban the importation and sale of dog and cat fur into Canada, something that the United States, European Union, Great Britain, and Australia have done long ago. What we heard back was heartbreaking:

“Global Affairs Canada was informed by the Fur Council of Canada, the national association representing the Canadian fur trade, that the Council has an established policy that Canadian designers, manufacturers and retailers do not work with, buy or sell products containing fur from dogs or cats.”

Not only is this clear pandering to a lobby group ridiculously unhelpful, as the Fur Council of Canada has nothing to do with the importation and sale of foreign pelts, only those harvested in Canada, but it’s a verbatim line from a letter we received from the Harper Conservatives in 2009.

With this decision and lack of action, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government is indicating they will continue to allow the importation of dog and cat fur into Canada – a practice that has been investigated by The Toronto Star and proven to exist.


The government may try and hide from this ridiculous response, and we can’t let them. Please write a letter to your MP (find them by clicking here) and tell them you want their support for Bill C-246, a piece of legislation that, among other things, would prohibit the importation and sale of dog and cat fur into Canada. Make sure you copy the Liberal Party of Canada, too, as they are often involved in policy making decisions ( The animals are counting on you.


Dear MP (insert name),

I was extremely disappointed to see the government’s response to petition e-123 yesterday. They are relying on a lobby group that has nothing to do with the importation and sale of foreign fur skins or related products, and ignoring the plea of tens of thousands of Canadians.

Before you in the House in the coming weeks will be Bill C-246, legislation that would prohibit the importation and sale of dog and cat fur in Canada. I am asking you, as a constituent, to please make sure that this portion of the Bill moves forward to committee for further study and eventual assent.

This is an important issue to me and my family, as well as my friends and the community as a whole. Please take action to protect consumers, and the animals.


Your name and address (so they know you’re a member of their constituency).

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