Wildlife in the attic? Who ya gonna call?

A photo of a squirrel
A brown squirrel in a tree. Photo by Bubblegirlphoto / Getty Images

The scratching in the attic might be the ghost that stole your keys and left them in your other pants this morning. Or, it could be a squirrel getting a new nest together. While the former makes for a better article, the latter is kind of our wheelhouse at The Fur-Bearers.

Finding a humane wildlife removal company can feel overwhelming. A quick look at the Yellowpages or a Google search can yield hundreds of results for businesses, many of which use words like ‘humane’ in their names. Fortunately, there are a few ways you can zero in on a truly humane wildlife removal company and make sure that your home or property isn’t damaged, the animals are prioritized, and no one is left behind.

  1. Check with AnimalKind.ca. The BC SPCA has created an accreditation program for wildlife and rodent control companies, ensuring they follow best practices that put animals first. This is our first stop when advising residents and business owners who to contact for wildlife removal services in British Columbia. Check it out at AnimalKind.ca.
  2. Ask for referrals and follow up. Like most professional services, referrals play a major role in finding new clientele for wildlife removal companies. Ask for referrals and follow up by calling or emailing the individuals or businesses and posing questions about their experience.
  3. Ask good questions. What happens to the wildlife when they’re removed? What methods are used to ensure that no dependents or other animals are left behind if a one-way door is installed? How will injuries to wildlife be treated? What insurance does the company have? These are a few questions that can help narrow down your choices!
  4. Talk to a wildlife rehabilitator near you. Wildlife rehabbers are on the front lines of managing injuries to native species, and may have great insights into the best local resources for residents. It’s also a great opportunity to ask your local rehabber how you can help them out!

Having wildlife in your home or property can be stressful and lead to unforeseen expenses. By choosing to work with a truly humane wildlife removal company, you can be sure that through all of this stress, the welfare of animals will be treated as a priority.

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