The Fur-Bearers has uncovered disturbing new information that shows wolves are being farmed for their fur in Canada, potentially being the only country in the world that allows such treatment of the iconic, social species. We’ve also learned that in addition to foxes, chinchillas, and minks, bobcats, and lynx are being farmed for their fur.

Canadians oppose keeping animals in cages to be slaughtered so their fur can be sold at international auction for fashion fur products (Research Co., 2023), but policymakers allow this practice to continue. Our research indicates there are nearly 100 fur farms still in operation in Canada, causing immense suffering to the hundreds of thousands of animals confined in cages on these farms. Join The Fur-Bearers this Giving Thursday and help us build a national campaign that will highlight the inherently inhumane nature of fur farming, the risks to the environment and public health, and bring an end to fur farming in Canada.

Donations DOUBLED During Giving Tuesday

An anonymous donor has offered up to $10,000 in matching gifts! That means for every $5 donated during the 2023 Giving Tuesday campaign, $5 will be matched by this donor. We can only unlock the full potential of this gift if we hit the $10,000 threshold – donate now to help us get there. 

We have an opportunity to expose fur farming and end it in Canada, protecting the lives of untold millions of fur-bearing animals, the environment, and public health. Will you help the animals today? 

If the above form does not load or you would prefer to donate via phone you can call us at 604-435-1850. We can also accept donations via our page (including stocks, securities, and cryptocurrency with offsets) or via snail mail (click for our mailing address).

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Established in 1953, The Fur-Bearers is a charitable, non-partisan organization whose goals are to end the commercial fur trade and promote solutions for wildlife coexistence in communities. Your donation is tax-deductible. Charitable registration number: 130006125RR0002

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