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The Beaver Institute (located in Massachusetts, United States) provides a comprehensive online course that mentors and trains professionals to resolve human-beaver conflicts using non-lethal and scientifically-proven techniques. Students learn about the role of beavers as a keystone species and how to build and install successful water control devices to resolve beaver dam flooding problems. This program is ideal for individuals interested in beaver management, compassionate conservation, wetlands, biodiversity, restoring streams and ecology. Graduates receive a certificate upon completion of the course. For more information about the BeaverCorps Training Program and the Beaver Institute please visit:

Each year, The Fur-Bearers offers one Canadian a full scholarship (approximate value $2,500 USD) to complete the Beaver Institute’s training program. This is a self-paced program that can be completed at your own pace and is expected to be completed within one year.


  • The applicant must be a resident of Canada.
  • Applicants must include a description of their interest in the program and their plans to apply the knowledge gained in the course to real world applications in resolving human-beaver conflicts.
  • Applicants are expected to complete the program within 12 months of registration.
  • This program requires in-field construction efforts. Applicants should be comfortable in water, lifting heavy objects and using power tools.
  • Applicants must agree to the terms included in the scholarship application.

How to Apply

The application period for 2024 is now closed. Subscribe to The Fur-Bearers’ newsletter to receive updates on our scholarship programs.

Selection Criteria

Decisions will be made by The Fur-Bearers Scholarship Evaluation Committee and will be assessed on the commitment to resolving human-beaver conflicts, promoting coexistence with wildlife, practical application of the training, and completeness of the application. All decisions made by the evaluation committee are final.

Testimonials from past recipients

I joined the Beaver Institute Beaver Corps program in the summer of 2020 with a financial scholarship from The Fur-Bearers. I joined because I often work with freshwater turtles in Ontario and all of our eight species that occur in Canada are at risk from habitat loss and road mortality. The installation of non-lethal beaver mitigation techniques to solve beaver-infrastructure primarily road flooding conflicts is a win-win on so many different levels.
Beavers create wetland and meadow habitat that are used by freshwater turtles and many other species mitigating the effects of biodiversity and wetland loss on our landscape. By implementing methods such as culvert protection fences or pond-levelers to allow water flow through road culverts and bridges that are often dammed by beavers, prevents unnecessary trapping of these water engineers and allows turtles and other animals to use culverts and bridges to move safely across roads to access required habitat. There has been so much interest in implementing these methods across such a broad landscape, Eco-Kare International is in the process of working with partners and colleagues to educate, train and employ these measures.
In this photo Kari is working on installing a pond leveler at a road culvert where beavers have continually dammed on Highway 7 in Ontario.

The Beaver Institute’s research material was very relevant and in-depth in the area of non-lethal beaver management. Mike teaches a variety of practical alternative strategies, backed by up-to-date research. I left the course with a positive outcome and a clear way forward on how to proceed with non-lethal beaver management. I look forward to applying the theoretical knowledge with the practical application I have learned from this program to help preserve beaver populations in my community. Thank you The Fur-Bearers, for offering this scholarship which allowed me the opportunity to enroll in this well-resourced and highly valuable program.

Melanie Whalen
Director of Animal Care and Wildlife Services
Calgary Wildlife

Praise for the BeaverCorps training program: A great and very accessible course with varied learning materials, practical yet full of well-researched background science of why non-lethal beaver management works! This course continues to be beneficial by increasing my knowledge around co-evolving with beaver activity in BC. I will continue to provide the most up-to-date, comprehensive advice working with beavers in various capacities. It is my hope, that private landowners of various backgrounds and eventually our local municipalities will be receptive to non-lethal management options in BC’s Interior.

I can’t wait for the field season to begin – thanks to Mike Callahan and the “Beaver Believer Community” for their introduction and for equipping me with the necessary background knowledge and continuous mentorship. It was just what I needed, ready to not just spread the word, but show our community that co-existing with beavers can be done – respect for all the hard work that went into this course, for making it accessible with this scholarship, and lastly for the quiet but mighty little workers of the wetlands!

Installation of a flow device

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