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Yukon bears being killed due to people’s choices

The message has been clear: keep your dog on leash when in bear territory. But one hiker didn’t, and a bear near Whitehorse is now dead. The CBC reported that both Conservation Officers and non-profits are urging residents to change their behaviour following the latest incident, putting the number of bears killed following conflict to nearly 40 in the Whitehorse area.

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Geocaching is safe, with a bit of common sense

The Global News headline would have you believe we’re witnessing an epidemic of outdoor enthusiasts being mauled by grizzlies: “Concerns raised over ‘geocaching’ after man attacked by grizzly bear.” But geocaching, like many other outdoor activities, is perfectly safe, when a bit of wildlife knowledge and common sense is applied.

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Bears in Coquitlam: ‘All I saw was a dead bear’

Volunteers and I joined the City of Coquitlam staff to distribute bear information to targeted communities last weekend. Daily sightings of bears were being reported, and garbage was the culprit. The neighbourhood we focused on was a few blocks from where a girl was involved in a violent conflict this summer (that bear was a habituated mother with cubs, and was killed).

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