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Tips to keep pets and wildlife safe during Canada Day fireworks

For animal lovers of all types, this can be an extremely trying time, whether you have a dog who’s noise sensitive or reactionary, a cat that ventures outdoors, or are aware of the wildlife scurrying around your neighbourhood. The Fur-Bearers want to help you reduce the stress of Canada Day celebrations for yourself and the animals, and make sure everyone can still have a good time.

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Five things every animal lover should have in their car

Being prepared to help an animal in need can be as simple as keeping a few basic supplies in your car. Animal lovers want to help when they see a loose dog wandering the neighbourhood on a hot day, or a squirrel with an injured limb unable to climb a tree – and with these five items in your car, you’ll be ready to do just that.

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Open letter: Co-existing with Mississauga’s wildlife

Living with wildlife can be challenging, but it is both possible and beneficial for residents to learn how. At times when we mourn the loss of a beloved family pet, these discussions are difficult, as understandable anger gets directed at the wildlife who shares our communities

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