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The Time Of The Raccoons (516)

Cara Contardi of Urban Wildlife Care talks raccoon biology and behaviour, misleading and inaccurate headlines about rabies, and why it’s important that we understand when, and when not, to help injured or orphaned animals.

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446: A Legal Fight For Freedom

Camille Labchuk of Animal Justice talks representing the animals’ interests at the Vancouver Aquarium, protection of captive animals in Ontario, and how we can be part of the solution.

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445: Turtle Power

Turtle rehabilitation, why some turtles are pretty much living dinosaurs, and what 3,000 turtle eggs are doing in plastic containers in Peterborough are discussed with the Ontario Turtle Conservation Centre.

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Open Letter: Residents’ behaviour is the solution to coyote concerns

The presence of coyotes and conflict with wildlife can often lead to distress and concern from residents, but it is vital that the cause of changing behaviour is accurately identified and addressed. Posts on social media forwarded to our organizations indicate that, in some areas of Burlington, coyotes may be acting in a defensive manner around dens, pups, or resources. Direct or indirect feeding of these coyotes could also cause them to show greater proximity tolerance with people and pets, and display assertive behaviours.

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Open letter: Co-existing with Mississauga’s wildlife

Living with wildlife can be challenging, but it is both possible and beneficial for residents to learn how. At times when we mourn the loss of a beloved family pet, these discussions are difficult, as understandable anger gets directed at the wildlife who shares our communities

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