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Help Expose & End Fur Farming in Canada
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Canada's fur farms
Wolf, bobcat, lynx fur farms uncovered
New Review Article:
One Health Implications of Fur Farming
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Trapping Seasons Are Opening
How To Release Pets From Traps
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Environmental Superheroes
Can Beavers Help Fight Forest Fires?

Help Protect Canada's Wildlife

Our Work

Living With Wildlife

Living With Wildlife

Dozens of species of fur-bearing animals have learned to live with us in urban areas. We can learn to live with them!

Make Fur History

Make Fur History

Every year over 100 million animals are killed for their fur worldwide. Join the movement and help #MakeFurHistory!

Outreach & Education

Outreach & Education

Arts & science scholarships, classroom presentations, event listings and humane education resources! Find it in our Outreach & Education campaign.

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Defender Radio

A photo of a Canadian landscape with the episode title on it.

Climate Grief with Dr. Shawna Weaver

Feeling overwhelmed? You’re not alone. Climate grief is real and impacts our day-to-day lives. Learn how to cope, take action, and become resilient!

About Us

Established in 1953, The Fur-Bearers is a charitable, non-partisan organization whose goals are to end the commercial fur trade and promote solutions for wildlife coexistence in communities. Your donation is tax-deductible. Charitable registration number: 130006125RR0002

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