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Living With Wildlife

Living With Wildlife

Dozens of species of fur-bearing animals have learned to live with us in urban areas. Shouldn't we learn to live with them?

Make Fur History

Make Fur History

Every year over 100 million animals are killed for their fur. Join the movement and help #MakeFurHistory!

Outreach & Education

Outreach & Education

Events, lesson plans and a monthly eNewsletter for parents and teachers! Find it all with our Education and Outreach campaign.

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Defender Radio

Changing The Paradigm on Animal Testing

A lot of animals are tested upon and killed in the name of science, particularly biomedical research. In conversation, many people adopt a utilitarian attitude

Getting To Know The Anthrozoology Podcast

Anthrozoology is a flourishing field of study and there’s a podcast featuring three up-and-comers that you’re going to love! Hear more from the creators on our own podcast – then check out theirs!

About Us

The Fur-Bearers is a national non-profit based in Vancouver. It was formed in 1953 and advocates on behalf of fur-bearing animals in the wild and in confinement, and promotes co-existence with wildlife. More about our history and campaigns can be found at thefurbearers.com.

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