BC Black Bears

Mother bear and cub in British Columbia.
Photo by Tony Joyce

Black bears are common throughout British Columbia. In fact, BC has one of the world’s largest populations of Ursus americanus.

Coexisting with black bears is possible in all ecosystems and communities. The following resources, tools, and articles can help you and your neighbours successfully coexist. If you’d like to order door hangers or other materials, please contact us at info@TheFurBearers.com.

Our bear coexistence door hangers are designed to be a simple but effective educational tool. The double-sided pamphlet, cut so it easily hooks onto most residential doors, explains the basics on attractant management, what to do if you see a bear, and how to find more information about coexistence.

These door hangers are available FREE upon request for you to distribute in your neighbourhood. Send us an email at info@TheFurBearers.com with your contact information and a bit about your community. Based on your needs, we’ll send you hangers (25-50 is normally a good starting point) so you can get started with supporting coexistence at the local level. Read more about our door hangers here.

Your compost will bring all the bears to the yard – so make sure to stash your trash! Check out this satirical music video (with lyrics, professional composing and mixing, and more!) and share it to help spread the message that we all need to stash our trash!

Get updates on issues and news related to black bears in British Columbia, as well as The Fur-Bearers’ other programs and campaigns to protect fur-bearing animals.

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