Beaver Blotter: June 9, 2014

WeHo furrier picks another fight

Despite a clear city ordinance and protection through legal decision at federal court, a fur store in West Hollywood is challenging the ban on the sales of fur products.

“The city adopted the ordinance banning the sale of fur apparel products because the sale of these products in the City of West Hollywood is inconsistent with the city's reputation as a Cruelty Free Zone for animals, and the city's goal of being a community that cares about animal welfare,” said a city spokesperson.

Mayfair House, a fur retailer, is suing the city again – this time at the state level – in hopes to reverse the ban. We know that West Hollywood’s ban is just, and justice will prevail.

Seriously. Just don’t feed them.

A group of foxes in Newfoundland’s historic Signal Hill is being chased by wildlife officials who want to remove them from the area due to the incredibly high number of people feeding them and photographing them, according to the CBC.

"It's very frustrating for us, on a couple of levels. One, it'sa visitor safety issue for us, because It is a wild animal,” said a Parks Canada official. "There is always a danger there that someone could get bitten.There's also the danger to the animal, because they've become so acclimated, it becomes a danger to themselves."

Seriously – just don’t feed wild animals.

Gates could be the answer

A CBC article documenting the apparent rise in raccoons and squirrels missed one important source: Brad Gates. Gates, a good friend of APFA and supporter of our podcast, Defender Radio, has long shown that co-existence is possible with our furry neighbours – even in urban areas – if simple steps are taken. Rather than simply ‘catch and kill’ as many ‘pest control’ companies do, Gates helps wild families safely out of their human-homes and makes sure that they don’t get back in. Find out more at

Here kitty, kitty…

Cats up telephone poles and trees aren’t an unusual sight. We’d even argue they border on the cliché. But in Lord’s Cove, a different type of kitty got himself stranded.

In a CBC article, the case of a large lynx sitting atop a hydro pole grabbed the attention of the small Newfoundland town. Fortunately, control officers made the right call – they waited for the lynx to come down on his own. Ultimately, it would appear he zapped himself on the power lines and fell; fortunately, he was able to shake it off and walk away – probably back to the safety of the woods – and everyone went about their day.

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