Coyotes: No Reason to Panic

It is not unusual to spot a coyote in a Canadian town or city. These animals have quickly adapted to our

changing landscape and they are here to stay.


Photo: Project Coyote

Despite media-hype, coyotes are very shy animals and physical confrontations with humans are extremely rare.

Coyotes are primarily nocturnal, but they can be seen during daylight hours. February is the time when coyotes are likely breeding and choosing their dens. Pups will be born in the spring.

Although pets are more likely to be killed by cars, coyotes can perceive small animals such as cats and dogs, as potential prey.

To keep your pet safe from coyotes, fence in your property, don’t leave animals outside unattended, install motion-sensor lights, walk your dog on a leash and spay or neuter your pets. (Coyotes are attracted to and can mate with dogs.)

If you see a coyote in your neighbourhood, don’t panic. Calmly leave the area. If you are with your dog, ensure he/she is on a leash and pick up a small dog if a coyote is near. You can easily scare a coyote by blowing a whistle, throwing objects such as rocks (toward, but not at the coyote) and by popping open an umbrella. If a coyote is in your yard, you can bang pots and pans.

Most importantly, never feed a coyote. Don’t leave pet food outside, secure your garbage, pick up fallen fruit in your yard and eliminate similar attractants.

To learn more about living with coyotes, visit:

Stanley Park Ecology Society: Co-existing with Coyotes

Project Coyote

Predator-Friendly (fantastic resource for farmers)

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