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Episode 438: Fish, Bears, and Conservation

Megan Adams of Raincoast Conservation Foundation joined the Defender Radio Podcast to discuss her recently published paper, why salmon and bear populations should be managed together, the influence her time with the Wuikinuxv Nation has imparted on her work, and what animal lovers and environmentalists need to know to protect the salmon-bear relationship and all that it represents in BC.

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Episode 435: The WOLF Sanctuary

Dr. Shelley Coldiron, Executive Director of the WOLF Sanctuary, joined Defender Radio to discuss the difficulties people find in raising wolf-dog hybrids, what special needs they have, the daily operations of running the sanctuary, and the individual personalities, quirks, and lives of the animals in their care.

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Episode 434: Parks Canada’s Wildlife Crossings Pt. 2

The development of the structures, which have become postcard-esque examples of scientific co-existence, the engineering tasks associated with choosing locations, plant life, and style of crossing, and what it’s like to look back at nearly 30 years of success were discussed with Terry McGuire, Parks Canada veteran, and project coordinator for the new TransCanada Highway Twinning in Yoho National Park.

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Episode 432: Questioning Coyote Conversations

Conversations about coyotes can quickly get controversial, particularly in the media. Are they simply another creature trying to care for their families and live life peacefully, or are they menacing charlatans waiting to pluck away what we love most?

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Episode 431: Bear Basics of Emergency Response

Let’s start with the obvious: stopping conflict with wildlife before it begins is always our preference. And there’s a lot of ways we can do that, as most conflict occurs when we’ve created a situation that allows for it, often through manipulation of resources. That is, we give food to animals and they say, hey, thanks, can I have some more? Or we knock down their houses and they show up, and say, hey, thanks for making us this new house.

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Episode 430: The Long Weekend Rant Episode

Rather than try to force an interview in this double long weekend, or rush one that isn’t quite ready, we thought this would be a good time for host Michael Howie to sit, think, and record something more of a rant, and a little glibber, then you’re probably used to with this show.

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Episode 429: Dr. Marc Bekoff & the Rise of the Compassionocene

When we hear the word “compassionate” paired with non-human animals, our first thoughts often go toDr. Marc Bekoff. A highly-esteemed field biologist, animal behaviour researcher, author, and speaker, Marc has penned multiple books, essays, and papers on concepts of compassionate conservation, compassion choices, and the sentience of animals with whom we share the world. Marc, along with bio-ethicist and past collaborator Jessica Pierce, have released a new book,The Animals' Agenda: Freedom, Compassion, and Coexistence in the Human Age.

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