Four ways that Pokemon Go is good for us – and for nature

The mobile video game sensation taking the world by storm has a number of critics, but here at The Fur-Bearers, we’re staying optimistic.

Over 25,000,000 people have played Pokemon Go, the game where users search out creatures they can then catch and train, and eventually battle. The original Pokemon game hit monocolour Nintendo Gameboy devices in 1996 (it was first called ‘Pocket Monsters’ when released in Japan). Since its release in recent weeks, many critics have focused on downsides of the game and what it represents. That’s why The Fur-Bearers put together this list of why Pokemon Go may be just what we need as a society:

  1. People are going outside. In a video game era, people are walking, hiking, and cycling rather than sitting inside and playing similar games. Sure, there’s a screen involved – but they’re OUTSIDE!
  2. People are exploring nature. Not only are people outside and moving, they’re exploring areas they may have never seen before. Forests, fields, and meadows are suddenly fascinating to a generation of young adults who may have only spent time in such places when they’re digital.
  3. It reminds people of the magic around them. Just around the corner could be a creature you’ve never seen, or an adventure that’s waiting to begin. The unknown is what can make the world an exciting, magical place – and this game really reminds people of that reality.
  4. Safety first! Conversations about safety – whether it’s on the streets or in forests – are beginning in earnest again, and children will be learning skills that are sometimes never passed along in classrooms.

For a long time, video games have been utilized as educational tools. It’s wonderful to see, though, that some of these lessons can be learned unintentionally.

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