Summer heat leaves mink suffering on fur farms across Canada

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Mink are a semi-aquatic member of the weasel family. They spend the vast majority of their time alongside bodies of water, hunting for prey that ranges from frog and mice to aquatic birds and their eggs. They are solitary animals who only spend time with others for reproduction and rearing of young. And all of this is in complete contravention to how they live on the factory-style fur farms across our country.

Over 200 sites farm mink for their fur in Canada, keeping these independent, intelligent animals in small, wire-bottomed cages jammed with hundreds, and even hundreds of thousands, of other mink. Their food comes in the form of a paste, often ground parts from fish or other by-products of meat industries, rather than the living prey they were born to hunt.

And as temperatures skyrocket across Canada – in British Columbia today it’s expected to hit 33 degrees – their only access to open water which they desperately need for hunting, playing, and staying cool, is the small, dirty bowls left to give them the bare minimum care under the law.

This is hellish for semi-aquatic mammals like mink. And it’s all for the ultimate greed of a few who see profits in selling their skins to foreign clothing manufacturers.


Write to your provincial (there are no fur farms in the territories) representative and tell them you want to see an end to this barbaric practice. You can find your candidate by selecting the appropriate link in this list:

All of the information you need to write a strong letter can be found in our Make Fur History campaign section. With you and your voice, we will one day have a Canada where we can proudly say we were able to Make Fur History.

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