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We had an interesting post on our Facebook wall today. A user, whose name has been redacted from the attached image, stated “I love animals as much as the next person and believe they should be treated with respect. Here is an idea lets [sic] try to save the most important animal of all … the human race. With so many people homeless, hungry, jobless, and uneducated. We are the real animal in need of saving. Let’s focus our energy on taking care of us befor [sic] anything else. The more we save ourselves the more we save Mother Earth.

People often wonder why we choose to protect fur-bearing animals instead of the many humans throughout the world who are also in need. It’s a fair question – one that we deal with on a regular basis. While Facebook is a great place to ask the question, it didn’t provide enough space for our answer, which is why we’ve written this blog.

It should first be noted that in our work protecting animals we’re not denying help to humans. In fact, every single one of our staff and many of our volunteers and members regularly:

  • Donate to other non-profits or charities;
  • Donate blood, food or clothing; and,
  • Volunteer with other non-profits or charities.

The work we do for wildlife is also beneficial to humans in a number of ways. Beavers, for example, help clean water and maintain vital ecosystems, which in turn, create better farmland, provide habitat for biodiversity, promote regrowth of trees and so on. By protecting beavers, we’re protecting that entire web of life connected to them. The same goes for all the other species we protect – from squirrels and sea otters to raccoons and rabbits.

Our work on the fur farm issue also is beneficial to humans – we filed a complaint with the government of Nova Scotia over pollution being caused by fur farms, damaging water and ecosystems that will surely impact residents.

And finally, fur is cruelty we can stop. Co-existence is a fight we can win. The science, passion and compassion are all there – we just need people to speak up and believe. There are many fights in this world that need our energies. Wildlife, fur and humane education are the ones we’re most passionate about. But it doesn’t mean we don’t care about, or help, the issues directly facing humans around the world.

Work like our growing Living With Wildlife campaign is only possible with the support of monthly donors. Please consider become a monthly donor – for as little as $5 a month – and help us create a Canada that is truly fur-free.

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