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Remembering Titus

Kimberly Ross shares the tragic story of her family's companion Titus dying in a legally set snare adjacent to their farm.

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Capitalism and Conservation

Dr. Anna Pigott sees capitalism as the root cause for much of the environmental havoc described in a World Wildlife Fund and explores the subject on this episode of the Defender Radio Podcast.

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Shifting Paradigms in Alberta

Lisa Dahlseide discusses the Wilderness, Wildlife and Human Interaction – Changing the Paradigm conference taking place November 10 in Alberta, and shares an update on two bear cubs in the care of Cochrane Ecological Institute!

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603: The Advocate’s Counsellor

Anger, grief, and trauma are common for advocates. That’s why it’s important to speak to someone about managing emotions and mental health – someone like Liz Sinclair Kruth, who goes in-depth on what advocates need to know about self-care and asking for help.

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