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603: The Advocate’s Counsellor

Anger, grief, and trauma are common for advocates. That’s why it’s important to speak to someone about managing emotions and mental health – someone like Liz Sinclair Kruth, who goes in-depth on what advocates need to know about self-care and asking for help.

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602: #LiveWarm With Wuxly Movement

Co-founder James Yurichuk joined Defender Radio to discuss the animal-free Wuxly Movement line of outerwear, the trade up program, and more in this in-depth episode from a Toronto rooftop!

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Success or Failure: Predator Removal (533)

Can predator removal be successful in resolving conflict? Or is it doomed to failure? Will co-existence emerge as the scientifically proven champion of management? Get the answers from PhD candidate and study author Robert James Lennox!

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On Oiled Wildlife (528)

Oil spills in the ocean or at a gas station can be hazardous to wildlife. Find out more about what goes into cleaning and returning animals to the wild on this episode!

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