Harrowing Easter weekend for Calgary rabbit

A disturbing trend of trapping in Calgary has culminated in another frightening incident.

Rabbit trapped in CalgaryAccording to resident Brenda Willy, a rabbit dragged a two-foot chain and stake from a leg-hold trap, fastened to his front, right paw last weekend.

“I was cleaning in the back and I heard this ‘clink, clink, clink,’ sound coming from down the alley,” Brenda told APFA. “I look and out came this large rabbit with a leg-hold trap. I think his leg was broken.”

Brenda called out to a friend to grab a blanket and went out to try and catch the rabbit. As an avid supporter of area wildlife rehabilitators, she knew there was hope for recovery. For the entire afternoon, Brenda searched – other neighbours joined in when they learned what she had seen. In the week since the incident, only one sighting has been verified.

“We haven’t found the rabbit,” Brenda said. “He may have died a horrible death.”

This is not the first time trapping has raised its ugly head in Calgary.

A beaver head was found in a trap in Fish Creek Park – the same neighbourhood in which Brenda lives. A dog was caught in a Nose Hill trap set by University of Calgary researchers. And a Heeler-cross named Roxy lost a leg to a trap in the Calgary area.

In every single case, public outrage ensued.

That is why APFA is calling on the City of Calgary to restrict the use of traps within city boundaries and on city-owned land.

The only way to prevent these horrific crimes against animals is to stop the use of leg-hold, body-gripping and snare traps. The City of Calgary has the power to do that.

APFA is also offering a $1,000 reward for information that leads to the conviction of the person(s) responsible for the leg-hold trap which afflicted the rabbit on Easter weekend.

Change is always possible. But only when the people of a society show they want it. Write your Calgary City Councillor and the Ministry of Alberta Sustainable Resource Development to tell them it’s time to change trapping in Alberta.

Sample Letter:

Dear Councillors,

I am writing to you regarding the use of traps in the City of Calgary. As it is within the bounds of the city in the Municipal Government Act to regulate the use of traps in the capture of wildlife and domestic animals, I ask you to take steps to restrict or ban the use of leg-hold, body-gripping and snare traps in the city and on city land.

Traps are inherently cruel devices incapable of distinguishing between the target species and any others. Too often, our pets and innocent wild animals are being caught and tortured by these instruments and there is no need for it.

Please research this information yourself with The Association for the Protection of Fur-Bearing Animals (www.thefurbearers.com) and consider taking action.

Best regards,

(Your name and address)

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