House of Lies: Conservative Party bandies untruths about trapping economy

Yesterday the House of Commons became the House of Lies.

You all know what happened: the RCMP announced to us that they would stop using fur in their hats for regular cold-weather conditions, a smart, environmentally-sound and scientifically-founded decision. Then, in pandering to the fur lobby, the Minister of Environment Leona Aglukkaq said that the government would overturn this decision to protect the economy.

It seems that every time the Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) comes up against a problem, they point to heritage or the economy. In this case, they did both. Also in this case, it was a blatant untruth.

The facts are against the CPC’s opinions:

  • Fur prices dropped 70 per cent in North America this year;
  • Major buyers – China and Russia – have severely limited their purchasing this year;
  • The latest report from Statistics Canada noted that only 455 Canadians self-identified as full-time trappers or hunters;
  • The vast majority of fur now ‘harvested’ in Canada comes from factory-style fur farms, not trapping;
  • A recent poll in British Columbia showed 85 per cent of residents were opposed to killing animals for their fur; and,
  • There is not one single publicly available economic study that indicates the magic numbers that the CPC and fur industry keep using.


This is political pandering at its worst. We need all of you to join us in saying this isn’t good enough. Find your MP in this list and send them a letter (a sample is below). Click the big green button and sign our petition. Stand up to the Conservative Party and remind them that they’re here to represent us, not the lobbying of a dying industry.

Sample Letter

Dear (insert Member’s Name),

As a taxpaying Canadian, I demand that you stop supporting the dying fur industry and instead allow Canadians at large to decide what is important. The RCMP chose to discontinue their use of fur in regular cold-weather conditions because the public and their own members wanted it. They found an alternative and it is only political pandering and interference that is leading to this direct obstruction of the public’s will.

I live in your riding and will remember your response to this letter when I stand before the polls in 2015.


Name and address

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