Support Bill C-296 and ban dog and cat fur!


Cheers, barks and purrs to Libby Davies for re-introducing a bill in Canadian parliament to ban the import and sale of dog and cat fur and to make it mandatory to label all fur products!

CLICK HERE to PRINT the petition and please ensure that all information you collect is complete and legible.

(Quick note: while we agree online petitions are easier, we chose to go with a regular old fashioned petition that needs to be printed and signed because it is the only petition that is actually accepted and considered “legitimate” by the House of Commons. Our petition has also been pre-screened by the Government’s Procedural Clerk and Clerk of Petitions.

Here is what happended in the House of Commons on September 29th, 2011!

Bill C-296
An Act to amend the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act and the Textile Labelling Act (animal fur or skin)

Introduction and First Reading

NDP, Libby Davies Vancouver East, BC

Moved for leave to introduce Bill C-296, An Act to amend the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act and the Textile Labelling Act (animal fur or skin).

“Mr. Speaker, I am very pleased to introduce this bill. This bill would amend the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act and the Textile Labelling Act (animal fur or skin). I would like to thank the member for Parkdale—High Park for seconding the bill.

This bill was originally introduced by my colleague, Bill Siksay, the former member for Burnaby—Douglas. He did much work on this issue. I am delighted to introduce the bill and follow up on the work that he has been doing.

The bill would prohibit the import and sale of products made in whole or in part of dog or cat fur. It would also require all animal skins to be labelled with full disclosure of fur fibres on labels. Many Canadians are very concerned about the use of cat and dog fur and strongly support a ban on its use in imports.

If we pass this bill, we would be joining Australia, Switzerland, the United States and the European Union in banning products that contain dog and cat skins and furs. As well, the labelling requirements would change. Under the current act, products can simply be labelled fur “fibre” no matter what quantity is involved. This bill would amend that to make sure there is explicit and clear labelling.

In presenting this bill, I want to note the incredible work of the Association for the Protection of Fur-Bearing Animals. I know there are many Canadians who support this legislation.” – Libby Davis, MP

You can help ban dog and cat fur. Please ask your Member of Parliament (MP) to support Bill C-296.

To find your local Member of Parliament, click here.

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