COVID-19 confirmed on mink farms in Aragon

COVID-19 confirmed on mink farms in Aragon

Seven of 14 workers at a mink farm in Aragon have tested positive for COVID-19 and tests are underway to determine if the other workers were previously infected.

Aragon is an autonomous nation located in Spain.

According to a translation of a Spanish-language article from media outlet, all cases were asymptomatic, but testing began when “a person related to one of them tested positive for the test.” reports that Argonese officials are monitoring mink on the farm to determine if the disease transmitted to or from mink and the workers.

Two Dutch mink farms were identified as locations were groups of workers were diagnosed with the virus and its presence was detected earlier this month.

In Canada, 13 mink farms in British Columbia have gone without inspection since at least 2018 and Ministry of Agriculture officials have not returned emails requesting updates on securing and testing of the farms.

Precisely where the European mink farm infections started – with the mink or the workers – and how or when it was transmitted (and how far said transmissions may have gone into the community) remain unknown at this time.

The Fur-Bearers continues to monitor this situation and is working with European partners to get the latest information.


Mink farms in British Columbia must be secured and tested as more workers in European mink farms test positive – and the exact nature of transmission to and from workers on the farms to the greater community remains unknown. Take action now by clicking here and using the form that opens in a new window to call on Minister of Agriculture Lana Popham to explain their plan to prevent the spread of disease on BC’s uninspected mink farms.

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