A Forever Home For Hooves with Michelle Singleton

Photo for the podcast showing two pigs
Sanctuary pigs Penny and Buddy sharing a moment.
Photo by A Home For Hooves Farm Sanctuary

The search for home is something most people can relate to, at some point in their lives. Regardless of circumstance, that need for the place that is yours, surrounded by the people you love, and the sense of wellness that comes with it, is a universal desire. And it’s not just for humans.

Animals bred and kept as livestock – or farmed animals – have similar feelings and needs. And one incredible group of people is helping make sure that a forever home exists for those they can help. A Home For Hooves Farm Sanctuary is a haven for animals on Vancouver Island, where pigs, goats, horses, chickens, and other domestic animals can live out their days with love, peace, and serenity.

The first Canadian farm sanctuary to be accredited by the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries, A Home For Hooves was founded in 2017 and cares for over 170 animals. To share the story of how the sanctuary was born, how the location is managed to protect wildlife and the sanctuary animals, and how a big pig named Cyrus led to an even bigger move, Defender Radio is joined by A Home For Hooves founder and director Michelle Singleton.

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A Home For Hooves website: https://www.homeforhooves.org/

Meet the Animals: https://www.homeforhooves.org/meet-the-animals.html

Sponsor an Animal: https://www.homeforhooves.org/sponsor-an-animal.html

A Home For Hooves on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ahomeforhoovesfarmsanctuary/

A Home For Hooves on Instagram: https://instagram.com/homeforhooves

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