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Nakoda’s Story with John E. Marriott

Nakoda isn’t the first grizzly to die due to the railways and highways that flow through and around national park sites; but John Marriott and the team at Exposed Wildlife Conservancy hope she may be the last.

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The Art of Simone Diamond

Hear from Coast Salish artist Simone Diamond about the cultural significance of art for her family, the impacts of colonization, and how we can all find creative inspiration around us!

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An image showing a rain barrel with the Switch logo on it

The Switch: Rain Barrel Benefits

Are you an active gardener looking for ways to reduce your impact on the local environment? Rain barrels are a great, accessible place to start! Join me for a quick conversation about the known – and perhaps less known – benefits of using rain barrels around your home.

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A picture of a European Beaver with the Defender Radio podcast logo

Return of the British Beavers

Beaver Trust is bringing European beavers back to the UK to help create and protect biodiversity and climate resilience. Hear from restoration expert Dr. Roisin Campbell-Palmer on this podcast episode!

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A picture showing reusable gift packaging

The Switch: Zero Waste Gifting

Gift giving is wonderful and generous, but around the holidays can generate a lot of waste. Dr. Elisabeth Ormandy (TEDx speaker, UBC Professor and zero waste enthusiast) is making The Switch to zero waste gift giving!

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