TAKE ACTION: BC’s wolves being killed in failed attempt to protect caribou

The government of British Columbia intends to continue killing grey wolves in an ultimately futile attempt to save endangered mountain caribou.

Researchers have noted that it is habitat loss, not natural processes of the ecosystems, that are putting, and keeping, caribou at risk of extinction in British Columbia. Secondary plans, such as created fenced breeding areas for caribou, have been found to be fatally flawed, and could lead to significant problems for the ecosystem.

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The only plan that will work – confirmed by internal government reports – is the halt of all resource exploration and exploitation in the range of the endangered caribou, and repair to the habitat caused by this industrial activity.

Further, the treatment of wolves in this cull are inherently inhumane. The government’s own scientists have stated that it is impossible to humanely cull the wolves, and the uses of snares and aerial gunning are both horrific deaths that are inefficient and can cause suffering to other species, too.


Send a letter to Premier Christy Clark (premier@gov.bc.ca), Minister of Environment Mary Polak (ENV.Minister@gov.bc.ca), and Minister of Forests, Lands, and Natural Resource Operations Steve Thompson (FLNR.Minister@gov.bc.ca), telling them you want an end to the wolf cull, and a return to science-based decision making in British Columbia, with a focus on humane treatment of wildlife. If you live in British Columbia, please CC your MLA (find them by clicking here). You can use our one-click email send button below, copy and paste our sample letter, or write your own. Please add your name and address to your email.


Sample Letter (copy and paste)

Dear Premier and Ministers,

It is time for the ill-advised wolf cull in British Columbia to end. The science clearly shows that wolf culls are ineffective, inhumane, and will not protect the endangered caribou long-term. The plan to fence caribou has also been shown to be ineffective and cause harm to the ecosystem. Your own reports have stated that it is only through habitat conservation and protection that the caribou can survive successfully.

Immediately halt the wolf cull and all industrial activity within the ranges of endangered caribou, and return to science-based decision making. My vote and tourism dollars will depend on your actions. A full explanation and citation of all relevant data is available at TheFurBearers.com.

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