You voted, now what?

Five weeks and a relatively small game of musical chairs later, and the snap election called by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has ended. The Fur-Bearers encouraged everyone to get out and participate in the democratic process by voting; and the reasonable follow-up question we’ve heard is, “Now what?”

Now comes the work! Every election creates an opportunity to meet with your (potentially newly) elected Member of Parliament (MP) and share your concerns, priorities and expectations for the coming sessions of parliament. Here are three ways animal lovers in Canada can get started:

  1. Trapping and fur farming. While trapping and fur farming are managed at the provincial level, federal regulations and partnerships with provincial authorities do exist. For example, the Agreement on International Humane Trapping Standards (AIHTS) was signed by the federal government, but fails to protect people, pets and allows for a great deal of inherently inhumane treatment to wildlife; fur farmers receive support from the AgriStability program, which has federal funding, and the federal government could play a role in buyouts or phaseouts of the industry. Click here to get information on the AIHTS and trapping, and here to learn more about fur farming.
  2. Habitat protection and climate change. A lot of lip service is done to habitat protection and climate change by politicians, but actual long-term, sustainable change requires that elected officials take risks on policy that may not be popular in some industries or segments of the population. Speaking to them about their personal and party plans to meet worldwide benchmarks is important.
  3. Involvement in local issues. Every community faces issues relating to habitat, wildlife and climate. Get your MP involved by bringing them information about the local issues in your neighbourhood or broader community, as well as practical ways they can be part of the solution. Invite them to community meetings, webinars and other events.

Voting is a vital part of our democratic process; but our participation doesn’t end when an election does. By communicating with your local MP on issues that matter to you, utilizing one-click letters or joining letter-writing campaigns, and setting expectations for your government, you can continue being an active, effective participant in our democracy. 

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