Charlotte Dawe: Crossroads for Caribou Conservation in BC

Defender Radio POdcast Charlotte Dawe: Crossroads for Caribou Conservation in BC

Mountain caribou are endangered in British Columbia. It’s a big deal: the federal government has threatened to intervene if plans aren’t put in place to protect them. One plan, worked on heavily by First Nations leaders, is receiving praise. But the plan for at least one other region has huge holes and fails to address some key issues.

While protecting caribou habitat may seem like a straight-forward task, the previous BC provincial government run in a majority by the Liberals and the current government run by an NDP-Green partnership is showing that it’s anything but. From literally selling the rights to cut down trees in the habitat of the endangered caribou during negotiations to killing wolves despite widespread scientific and ethical opposition to a disturbing rise in racist comments and economic disinformation, it’s been a bit of a confusing journey.

As the consultation period winds down – and links to actions on that are included in this week’s show notes – I wanted to take some time to break out the points, challenge the myths, and hear opposing opinions to what industry and politicians have spouted. That’s why we connected with Charlotte Dawe, Conservation and Campaign Manager for Wilderness Committee, who patiently listened to my tangents and walked me through the last year of work on this campaign and how you can be part of the solution.

Photo of endangered caribou habitat provided by Wilderness Committee

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