Pipelines hurt animals

Guest blogger: Dr. David Steele You’ve undoubtedly heard a great deal about the proposed tar sands pipelines. They’re all over the news. There have been

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BC wolves deserve better

By guest blogger: Sadie Parr Fort St. John, which is located in Northeastern B.C., has been awarding cash prizes to people who kill wolves; small,

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Wildlife is on the move

Spring is almost here and many wild animals are busy building nests or dens. They’re on the move, preparing for their newborns! At this time

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When beavers go bad

This cute little fellow was found by Oregon City police trying to cross a busy street.Local authorities managed to escort the little fellow back to

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Got drought? Bring in the beavers

Guest blogger: Heidi Perryman Martinez Beavers Now a December article in Canadian Geographic by Frances Backhouse,”Rethinking the Beaver”, considers how beavers affect wetlands and watersheds

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